One Call

We grow. And so does inner turmoil. So many pressures on our emotions, curiosity and ambitions.

Strong voices in the culture tell us that what matters are sex, money, power.

In the face of this how could I seriously consider me being a priest? In today’s Ireland! Called by God! Me!

I listen to the tapes I play in my head.

The tapes that tell me all the lifestyles on the menu may be fine for a while but maybe for me the life of a priest answers questions the others don’t.

The tapes that whisper there could be a match-up between the call to be a priest and my ache for meaning.

So I try to find out more. I pray. I ask advice. I go to weekends where I meet others with the same questions. I give it a try.

And I am amazed at how supportive everyone is.